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VWG is an architectural firm based in Brussels since 2005.

VWG philosophy of work is defined by simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and mindfulness.

VWG many achievements are based on refinement of architectural lines, search for perfect lighting, relevant materials and ecological concern.

VWG offers its expertise to real estate developers, investors, entrepreneurs, private individuals, architects and designers.

VWG knowledge in feasibility studies, energy efficiency, real estate programs, renovation and site coordination defines its presence in both the public and private sector.

VWG has always prioritized purity of lines, integration of multidisciplinary fields, making each of your projects one of a kind.

VWG always chooses to centralize our information with an unique personal contact. You are never overwhelmed by information, which is always filtered by our staff.

Simplicity of execution. Excellence in communication.

H. Tessenow

Some of our clients

Apple inc., Abelsys, Appache, Arte Ma, Azizam, BCM, Biot-invest,BSirus, VADEC, PIB, Cami, CipiYou, Computer Home, Demorteel, DoPi, EasyM, Elbouz, Eutronix, Ferreira, Fifth Avenue, Fisher,

Foyer Bruxellois, Fredel, Gemeent

Saint-Genesus Rhode, ICLG, Immofutur,

It-Pro, Switch, JPL immo, LasKes, Leva, Line Heart, Mac Line, Macsimum, Maes, Magistrat, Marchall, Mariko,

M&C Marijnissen, Online Graphics, Préat, S&S, Commune de Schaerbeek, Sicame, Sogenel, Span Tech, Switch, Taco, VADEC,...

Some of our partners

A&Studio, Manger Nielsen Architects,

De Smedt & Ramon, L3M, A. Lestienne,

T. Lootens, M&C Marijnissen,

P. Dethier, F. Luyckx, Ch. Valvekens,

Architectures Parallèles, K. Vanderpoorten,

S. Van Wauwe, WaH! Studio, Kawa Studio,...

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